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Inspired by the multicultural environment that Rotterdam has to offer and the bond that was created through years of studying together at Codarts Rotterdam, with main subject teachers Chris Leenders and Ramon Lormans, Kāna Trio was founded in 2020 by Hugo Pereira, João Sequeira (Portugal) and Rens Rutten (The Netherlands). The trio shares the common ambition to develop new perspectives in percussion, by connecting with other music styles and art disciplines, in order to push the boundaries of the chamber music concert. This relatively unusual setting is not yet well known to the general public, the amount of repertoire written for trio percussion is relatively small in contrast to quartet and duo. This prompts the trio to be creative and look for new ways to bridge the gap between the audience and a mix of classical arrangements and contemporary music.



The young percussionists won the Grachtenfestival Conservatorium Concours in 2022. Frank van den Brink (chair of the jury) wrote:

“The jury was impressed by the mesmerizing, almost symbiotic interplay of the Kāna Trio. From the enormous color palette, which ranged from whisper-soft marimba noise to the most ominous jungle violence.”

In the same year, the trio won the Short Film Prize at the International Percussion Competition in Luxembourg, trio edition. 

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